Animazoo female AO II

The latest set of animation overrides for Animazoo SL. In addition to cleaning, looping and re-targetting the data, timewarping and keyframe animation techniques were used to produce this set of animations. Music "Translate" by Artner:

Stage show dance animations

The original dances were recorded using the Animazoo IGS-90 motion capture system. The dances were then retagetted, looped and uploaded in to Second Life, where an all black avatar was filmed performing them against a white background. The final result was achieved using a simple edge detection filter in the video editing software. Music by kind permission of DJ Instinct.

Belly dancing animations for Animazoo

The animations in this movie were shot at the Animazoo studios in Brighton, UK using a professional dancer. A lot of time and care was put into the cleaning, retargetting and looping of the animations giving the natural, realistic results shown here. Music by kind permission of Lovejunkie and Ting.

Hip Hop dances for Animazoo

Again, the moves for this sequence of animation were shot in the Animazoo studios in the UK. The dances presented particular problems due to the fast, energetic nature of the dance moves. However, the motioncapture equipment used coped well with the quick limb movements thus reducing overall cleaning time.

Timelapse photography in Virtual Worlds

This clip was created as a proof of concept. The technical challenges lay in synchronising the scripted camera movement, sunrise to sunset and of course the 'actors'. Although challenging technically, the entire clip was produced in a morning.

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