Custom Motion Capture:

Working in conjunction with Animazoo (UK) we offer motion capture studio services with comprehensive pre-consultation. We can arrange actors, technical staff and a director for your shoot in Brighton, UK.
The subsequent data cleaning, retargetting and looping of your animation data is then completed by our professional staff in Bangkok, Thailand. We are experienced in producing animation data for a variety of applications, in particular Blue Mars® and Second Life®, and so are able to supply animation data 'ready to go' for these virtual worlds.

Animation sequences licensing for Blue Mars®:

Blue Mars® is an exciting new virtual world that is still in beta. Dubmation are able to offer licenses to Blue Mars® developers to use animation sequences from a large stock of existing animations. The animation assets are supplied in the 'DBA' format ready for distribution by City Developers in Blue Mars®. Because the animation sequences are limited to safe, encrypted distribution in Blue Mars® we are able to offer licenses at very competitive rates. Please contact Dave at Dubmation dot com to ask for further details.

Rapid prototyping:

Because of our fast turnaround times and competitive rates, Dubmation can offer an unparalled rapid animation prototyping service. If you need high quality, low cost animation data fast, we think we are the best choice.

Data Cleaning and bad data recovery:

Data cleaning rates start from just £6 / €7 / $10 per second for basic cleaning*. Bad data recovery rates are determined on individual case basis.

For cleaned, retargetted and looped animation data the starting rate is £12 / €14 / $17 per second of animation data*.

Should you so prefer, we are also able to offer day rates starting at £100 / €110 / $150 per day*, all inclusive.

*Prices current as of January 2011. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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